Boston Terrier Philly was started by a group of friends who just love their Boston Terriers and love the city of Philadelphia. When our puppy Sonny (7 months) and Miles (5 months) met for a play date they immediately hit it off. They chased, wrestled, and rolled around for hours on end. When these two finally decided to retire, we found them laying in Miles bed together.

They had so much fun together that we immediately started searching local Boston Groups. To our surprise, there were no searchable Philadelphia Boston Terrier groups in the area. This motivated us to start our own website and meet up with other local Boston Terrier owners.
As a Boston Terrier owner, I’m sure you know just how lively and energetic these little ones are. Bostons thrive on interaction with other little dogs and people. Whether your Boston is sassy and rowdy or calm and collected, one thing you know for sure is that Bostons love people, love activity, and love attention!

Our goal is to have monthly events around the city of Philadelphia where we can bring our Bostons together for some fun-filled activities. Boston Terrier Philly is a great way for Boston lovers to meet up with other Bostons in the area. Many of our members are long time Boston owners and would love to share their enthusiasm with you. If you have a Boston and want an opportunity to socialize with other Bostons, we would love you to come out and join us!

Meet Sonny Frank, Our Boston


Meet Sonny’s Best Friends

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Miles Von Ripper, and Winston