Sonny Frank


Santino Frank (aka Sonny) is a full bred Boston Terrier who was born on June 14, 2012. When he came to us on September 17th 2012, he weighed in at about 5 lbs. Today, at 7 months he weighs approximately 11 lbs.

Sonny was a gift for his mommy’s 30th birthday and boy what a surprise he was! Daddy wrapped him in a big blue bow and surprised her at work! We knew Sonny was a special little guy right from the start. He house trained easily, learned tricks, and has always been extremely independent.

In the evenings, we take Sonny to 2nd and Market in Philadelphia where he runs around with other local dogs. He absolutely loves playing fetch and can do that for hours. On the weekends, we take trips to local dog parks where Sonny chases and plays with other little dogs.

When the weather gets nice, we enjoy taking walks through the city where Sonny has many admirers. Sonny sometimes joins us for dinner when we head to one of the dog-friendly restaurants in Philadelphia. Our favorite outdoor dining spot so far has been Kite and the Key in Fairmount.

Sonny has been socialized with many other dogs including Miles, his Boston Terrier BFF who is about two months younger than him. He also plays with his cousins Ana, a 3 month old Yorkshire Terrier and Louie, a 4 month old Pomchi. We can’t forget his other cousin Shadow, a 6 month old Black Lab who he could play with for hours.

Although his roots are in Boston, he really is a diehard Philadelphia fan. He spends weekends on the couch with his daddy watching the Eagles and the Phillies, and he even helps his daddy choose losing Fantasy Football teams.

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